6 out of Every 10 Students from UAE Who Study Abroad Choose the US

Referrals to US universities begin at home, says Consultancy’s MD
Dubai, UAE, 15 July 2014 – Carian College Advisors, an American education consultancy based in Dubai, has revealed that 6 out of every 10 UAE students currently studying in the US were strongly encouraged by one of their parents or siblings to pursue their undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in America.
The consultancy says that these students have their hearts set on studying in the US; that is their foremost concern, deciding which institution is secondary. In most cases, the choice has a lot to do with the opinion of parents or elder siblings who convey their first-hand experience and thereby inspire the students follow in their footsteps.

“The most desirable study options among UAE students this year are Business and Management, Engineering, and Math and Computer Science”, explained Peter Davos, Managing Director, Carian College Advisors.
Davos said: “Among UAE nationals, we see a definite trend of choosing the US for higher education, influenced by their parents or siblings. This is clear evidence that many of the referrals to universities begin at home and this is a direct endorsement of the US education system.”
He added: “It is remarkable how older UAE students (parents or siblings) maintain connections with their peers even after they leave universities or reconnect through social media. Most of them retain an emotional attachment to the place where they studied many years ago and take pride in referring their children to same university or state.”
Commenting on criteria for choosing the US as an education destination, Davos said: “Based on recommendations from fathers or siblings, UAE nationals look at quality of education as a main factor when selecting their destination of study as well as the prevailing cultural milieu.”
With over 4,000 degree-granting institutions of higher learning in the US in 50 states, Carian College Advisors caters to the varied needs and preferences of UAE students. Davos’ consultancy offers a range of admission counseling services for UAE students targeting the US for further studies.
Davos stated: “There is strong emphasis in the US on the holistic development of the individual and this is passed on to aspiring students by their parents who endorse that US education sharpens students’ personalities, broadens their views, and widens their vision and perspective on life.”
American universities encourage self-exploration and self-development and view them as an inherent part of an undergraduate education. Students at American universities are allowed to choose a minor, double major, or triple major of their choice, as long as they fulfill the stipulated course requirements. It is this freedom of choice that most attracts students to study in America.
Editor’s Note:
Carian College Advisors is a specialist US education consultant that offers a range of admission counselling services for students in the UAE. Headed by Peter Davos (MSt Oxon, MDesS Harvard), Carian College Advisors is one among the few education consultants in the country that specialises in offering admission-counselling services for universities exclusively in the United States. Carian College Advisors can assist with the entire or specific parts of the application process, such as college list creation, the submission of a personal statement, supplemental essays, letters of recommendation, summary list of extracurricular activities, description of past summer experiences, and the completion of a college interview.