ALHOSN University joins KM Middle East Conference 2012 as Academic Partner

University supports empowerment of knowledge workers in the Middle East
Abu Dhabi, UAE, MArch 26th, 2012 –  ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabi-based university dedicated to high-quality value-based education, joined regional discussions on the empowerment of knowledge workers in the Arab World during the 2012 Knowledge Management (KM) Middle East Conference held recently at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi.

The KM Middle East Conference aims to become the premier knowledge management event in the Middle East. This year’s edition included an academic symposium for the first time. ALHOSN, the event’s official Academic Partner, shared insights on the challenges associated with the management of knowledge and participated in workshops facilitated by KM experts from five continents. The university delegates also met and collaborated with business and government leaders from across the region.

“The field of knowledge management is very relevant to our university’s mission as encapsulated by the motto ‘global knowledge with local vision.’ Although KM is a relatively new discipline, it has already been incorporated successfully in many private businesses and non-profit organizations for a better yield in business strategy, IT, or human resource management. We fully support this paradigm as a means to enhance the capabilities and productivity of the region’s growing pool of talented knowledge workers, and we intend to integrate some of its core aspects into our own academic programs,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, ALHOSN University.
Knowledge management encompasses organizational strategies and practices for identifying, creating, representing, distributing and enabling the adoption of insights and experiences. It emerged as an established discipline in 1991, with courses taught in the fields of business administration, information systems, management, and library and information sciences. Other fields such as media studies, computer science and public health have also started contributing to KM scholarship.
In addition to the speeches and academic tracks, KM Middle East Conference 2012 also featured regional KM case studies, examples of KM tools, techniques and technology, and interactive workshops.
Named after Abu Dhabi’s historic ALHOSN Palace, ALHOSN University was founded in 2005 by the Abu Dhabi Holding Company in response to growing local demand for high-quality, value-based educational institutions. It currently offers 12 undergraduate and 7 graduate programs under the Faculties of Engineering and Applies Sciences, Business, and Arts and Social Sciences. ALHOSN accepts students of all nationalities and also accommodates youths with special needs. All of its programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
About ALHOSN University:
ALHOSN University is a leading private university dedicated to high-quality, value-based education under the slogan “Global Knowledge with Local Vision.” The Abu Dhabi-based institution is owned and supported by the Abu Dhabi Holding Company and is fully accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
ALHOSN University manages accredited programs (11 undergraduate and 7 graduate) in three faculties, all of which were developed by top North American educational experts. Undergraduate academic degrees are offered as four-year programs and taught in English, except for the Arabic education component.
The University’s City Campus includes the Men’s Campus, the Women’s Campus, the Engineering Lab Building, the Library Building, and the Lectures Building, all located at the heart of Abu Dhabi. A main campus with world-class, state-of-the-art facilities will soon be constructed. ALHOSN is open to students from all nationalities.

UAE Student Visa Requirements

The UAE educational system comprises of a variety of academic institutions – Schools, Colleges and Universities. Furthermore, there are several Training Institutes that offer professional qualification and training programs in various fields. Each institution has its own objective, structure, and admission requirements.
There are a few governmental universities and colleges in UAE where admission is restricted to nationals only. However, there are several private institutions where enrolment is open to any student who meets the admission requirements.
A student may enrol in any program of his/her choice. Programs may vary from academic, technical, and professional degree programs in various disciplines, preparing students for careers in research and professional practice in every field.
Enrolling in primary, secondary or high schools a residence visa is required. However, student visas are provided by all colleges and universities and also a few training institutes. Prior to issuance of visa all formalities need to be completed as per the university chosen
Student Visas
To enrol in primary, secondary or high schools a residence visa is required and educational institution may be permitted to make their UAE visa application based on the sponsorship of their parents. This option is available to full-time students.
Students under parent’s sponsorship wanting to enrol into tertiary level university, college or institute have the following regulations:
  • Sons, below the age of 18 in full-time education can be sponsored by their parents.
  • Unmarried daughters of any age can be sponsored by their father (or their mother if she is employed in a high-level profession).
Students attending a tertiary level university, college or institute: Educator-sponsored Dubai study visa
  • Full-time students can be sponsored by their educational institution if the institution is eligible. This allows them to obtain a UAE study visa for the duration of their course
  • Full-time students can be sponsored by the university, college or institute please check with the university, college or institute because not all offer this service.
Student Residence Visas are normally only valid for 1 year at a time, renewed each year during the study program.
Documents needed:
  •  Passport with at least 6 months validity, the passport must have two blank visa pages (one to endorse the visa and one for entry stamps)
  • Passport copies (about 4)
  • Photographs (about 12)
  • Passport copies (about 2 copies)
  • Upon arrival, passport copies with entry visa to the UAE (about 3 copies)
  • Evidence of acceptance to a UAE tertiary institute (offer letter)
  • Possibly bank statements showing evidence of funds in the UAE
  • Possibly a tenancy agreement (or letter from university if staying in university accommodation)
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Copy of visa fees receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Post-graduate students will need to have their undergraduate degree attested
Students from some countries will undergo a security check to make sure they are not considered a threat to UAE security.
A medical test at an authorised UAE medical center (allow AED 350-500) will normally be required. The medical check is a blood test and chest X-ray for HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy, and Syphilis. If results come back positive for any of those conditions, the person is deported, except for syphilis which is treated, but this may change, check with UAE immigration department or UAE Ministry of Health (and keep in mind it’s possible to get conflicting reports from them).
Student Residence Visa Fees
  • Student Visa Fees vary between universities, colleges and institutions. Varies between 1,000 to 3,000 AED for a one-year student residence visa.
  • Some universities, colleges and institutions may require a refundable visa deposit, may vary between 2,000 to 3,000 AED.
  • Renewal charges vary between 1,000 to 3,000 AED yearly.
There might also be differences in fees between different emirates.
There are also differences depending on if the university is located in a UAE education free zone such as Dubai Academic City or Knowledge Village, or not.
Please check with university, college or institute applying to for up-to-date information.
Visa Validity
If a student stays out of the UAE for longer than six months, their student residence visa becomes invalid and they will be denied entry to the UAE until it is cancelled. Usually the sponsor will report the visa holder to the immigration authorities.
  • Visas normally take 2-5 weeks to process once all the correct documentation has been supplied.
  • Express visas take 1-3 weeks to process.
  • Cancellation of visa normally takes 1-3 weeks, express cancellation takes 1-2 weeks.

Universities in UAE: Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU)

Dubai, UAE, 2012 – Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU), a leader in the field of e-Learning and quality management in the Arab World, recently honoured Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), in recognition of its major role and ongoing commitment towards supporting the mission of the university, as well as reaffirming the role of the “Annual Congress 2012 as a premier platform that fosters innovation and institutional and academic excellence. Ms. Nadia Amanallah Kamali, Marketing and Communication Director at HBMeU, handed over the honorary plaque to Mr. Abdulaziz AlMaamari, Public Relations & Marketing Manager at Emirates ID, while stressing the important role of partners in achieving the vision and objectives of the university.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University honors Emirates Identity Authority

Dubai Business Women Council Highlights Women’s Role in Family Businesses during American University of Sharjah Business Forum

Sharjah, UAE, 2012 – The Dubai Women Business Council (DBWC) has shared its insights on the role of women in the success of family businesses in the GCC during the recently concluded American Universityof Sharjah (AUS) Business Forum 2012. Mrs. Raja Al Gurg, President of DBWC, represented the Council in the Forum and took part in the panel discussion.
 Organized under the theme “Family Businesses in the GCC: Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Economy”, the Forum examined the impact of the global economic meltdown on family businesses as well as issues related to leadership, succession, governance across generations and participation of women in the family business.

Mrs. Raja Al Gurg said: “Family businesses will continue to play a greater role as economic catalysts for the region. The AUS Business Forum is therefore taking the right step by supporting the growth of family businesses through high-profile discussions that explore fresh opportunities and identify evolving challenges being faced by family businesses in the GCC. Dubai Women Business Council strongly supports such initiatives as it complements our efforts to encourage more women to become involved in the socioeconomic development of the Arab world.”
Mrs. Raja Al Gurg  – Forum discussed impact of global economic meltdown on family businesses as well as issues related to leadership, succession and governanc   
 During the forum, Mrs. Al Gurg pointed out that family businesses, which account for some 90 per cent of businesses in the Middle East, have a major role in the region’s growth, job creation and competitiveness. Their sustained success is key to the region’s long-term economic development. She said, “As family businesses deal with the challenges posed by the financial crisis, increased international openness of the Gulf region as well as their own expansion, they need to adopt newer ways of running their business and managing their wealth in order to remain competitive and sustainable. Most importantly, family businesses need to put in place strong corporate governance and succession planning framework.”
Founded in 2002, DBWC motivates women to be productive members of the society, while encouraging role models to rise up from the ranks and inspire other women around the world, especially in the Arab region, to discover their true potential. DBWC organizes the high-profile monthly event ‘Majlis Business’ to provide information about the latest knowledge, skills and best practices for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management – Dubai (VIDEO)

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai is part of the Jumeirah Group, the international company behind five-star hotels like the Burj al Arab and has an academic association with the renowned Ecole hôtelière De Lausanne. For degree courses in hospitality management there is no better choice. 

During their studies Academy students are exposed to the inner workings of the world-class Jumeirah hotels, and many students do their internships in Jumeirah hotels in Dubai or overseas. Add to that our highly qualified faculty, world class facilities and multicultural student body, and you have a near perfect setting from which to launch your career in hospitality or tourism. 

University of Dubai – Dream Big to Achieve the Impossible (Video)

In the heart of the city, the University of Dubai offers you unique educational advantages. From the University of Dubais day and evening classes to offering interns and jobs through their relationship with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DDCI), the University of Dubai is a top-notch institution to study at.

The University of Dubais vision through its contemporary education philosophy built on Islamic values and international academic standards will help nurture your professional skills, creative thinking and creative analysis.

Come study at the University of Dubais with their world class business and IT resources to become the business leader, manager and entrepreneur of tomorrow.

Watch this video to get a great overview of what the University of Dubai has to offer you. 
For more information please visit 

Amity University, DIAC, Al Hosn University and Abu Dhabi University Participate as Sponsors of GETEX 2012

Amity University Dubai to hold presentation on 22 industry-specific courses during GETEX 2012
Dubai, UAE, March 20th, 2012 – GETEX 2012 has announced that Amity University Dubai, a premier institution for higher education in the UAE, has confirmed its participation as sponsor for the second year running of the Middle East and Asia’s leading education, training and professional development event. Amity University Dubai will be showcasing its complete line-up of 22 industry-specific courses that have been developed to meet the needs of UAE learners. GETEX 2012 will take place from 19th to 21st April 2012 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was further revealed that Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), Al Hosn University and Abu Dhabi University will also be participating as sponsors of GETEX 2012.

Anselm Godinho, Managing Director, International Conferences and Exhibitions (IC&E), said: “Leveraging our strategic partnership with distinguished academic institutions such as Amity University Dubai, GETEX continues to gain momentum in creating a truly comprehensive showcase of world-class academic and professional development programs. GETEX will once again serve as the definitive venue that brings together thought leaders and key education stakeholders from all over the world to gather insights and cultivate in-depth discussions that will ultimately further enhance the culture of excellence in the region’s academic sector.”
Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University, said: “GETEX is one of the largest and most anticipated education events in the Middle East. It provides an ideal platform for academics, decision makers and key players in the education sector to share best practices, information and knowledge for the overall benefit of the academic community. Through our participation at GETEX, we hope to increase awareness of our presence here and extend a host of options to students, not only in regular disciplines but also in niche areas that are gaining increased importance in the region such as nano-technology, nuclear science, solar and alternate energy and forensic science. Amity’s support to the event underscores our overarching objective of contributing to the growth of the UAE economy by helping reduce the existing gap in skills and industry requirements.”
GETEX 2012 will gather more than 500 institutions and no less than 2,500 academic, vocational and training programmes. Over 30,000 visitors from across the Middle East are also expected to attend the event.