ALHOSN University Opens for New Registrations Today

Abu Dhabi, 5th August 2014 – ALHOSN University Abu Dhabi is now open for new admissions for the Fall 2014 – 2015 semester. Starting today, ALHOSN University will be accepting admissions for its 18 Undergraduate Programmes and 11 Postgraduate Programmes under the Faculties of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business, and Arts and Social Sciences.

A member of the Association of Arab Universities (AAU), all the University’s programmes are accredited by the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) in the UAE and recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan. Moreover, several of its Engineering programmes have received accreditation from the American Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), and ALHOSN University is the first private University in the UAE to receive such accreditation.

Dr. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University said, “ALHOSN University is a local learning hub that welcomes all those who are interested in pursuing their further studies. We offer flexibility to our students to suit their personal learning requirements, as it is our vision to build a community of learners with strong career skills as well as life skills.”

Besides its extensive academic programmes, ALHOSN University also offers students a wide range of extracurricular activities. In addition to social clubs and sporting events, ALHOSN University provides a platform for students to learn more about the art, business, culture and education in Ireland and the USA through the Irish Corner and the American Corner.

To apply to the University and register for the upcoming Fall semester, students may visit the Admission and Registration (A&R) Office at ALHOSN University, where they can apply for admission, register for courses, find details about tuition fees, as well as gain information about financial aid. The A&R Office can also direct prospective students to an advisor if they would like additional guidance in deciding what programme to study and for further advice about their studies.

For further information, contact the A&R Office at ALHOSN University on +971 2 4070700 or visit 

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About ALHOSN University
ALHOSN University currently consists of 3 Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, which includes the Department of Education, English Department and Social Sciences Department; Faculty of Business, which includes the Departments of Business Administration, Accounting  and Management Information Systems; and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which includes the Departments of Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Interior Design, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Sciences  and Urban Planning.

ALHOSN University is in Al Musalla, Abu Dhabi, it was founded in 2005. It follows a segregated learning system with separate study buildings for men and women. Since its conception, ALHOSN University has introduced exciting programs in a variety of disciplines that are in great demand nationally, regionally, and internationally.