University Partners with University of Madrid to Host Lectures on Architecture

 Abu Dhabi, UAE, 4thJune, 2014 – ALHOSN University hosted delegates from the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) for a series of 3 lectures on architecture. The knowledge-sharing event was the first of its kind since a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two universities in October 2013. Students and faculty had the opportunity of sharing with world-renowned Spanish professors and architects in-depth lectures, seminars and discussions of major academic interest.
The event opened on Monday afternoon with a talk on The Modernity of Al Hambra by Dr. Miguel Jaime, Assistant professor of the Department of Architectural Engineering, ALHOSN University, he said, “The Islamic Palace of Al Hambra is a masterpiece of architecture. The Alhambra is part of the lost history of the contributions of Islamic culture to western modernity. Owen Jones, the founder of British design, was so obsessed with the palace that he derived the principles of modern design from it. Le Corbusier based his famous “Architectural Promenade” on Arabic architecture and it is at the Alhambra that this inspiration is clearest. In Spain, La Alhambra inspired the reinterpretation of modern international style giving birth to some of the best contemporary Spanish architecture”
Professors from UEM followed Dr. Jaime with their seminars on recent developments in the sector of architecture and education. Dr. Pedro Pablo Arroyo, Academic Director of Architecture, Building Engineering and Civil Engineering UEM conducted a talk on Building the Cities of the Future: Contemporary Golden Age of Spanish Architecture. It was followed by a seminar on Metacities and the Education of the Future by Dr. Jose Luis Esteban Penelas, Chair and Professor UEM & Director of the AIR Labs Research Group, and Nestor Montenegro, Assistant Professor UEM, Director of the Tricontinental Masters in Integrated Architectural Projects.
ALHOSN University is honoured to have the opportunity to host these acclaimed professors of UEM. They have many awards and achievements to their name. “The topics for the seminar are pertinent and a reflection of the growth in industry. The sessions have been of great benefit to our students as they develop a deeper understanding of architecture from a multicultural perspective This is the first step of many to further to the relationship between the two universities, and a prelude to many more mutually rewarding opportunities.
About ALHOSN University:
ALHOSN University currently consists of 3 Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, which includes the Department of Education, English Department and Social Sciences Department; Faculty of Business, which includes the Departments of Business Administration and Management Information Systems; and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which includes the Departments of Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Interior Design, Software Engineering, and Urban Planning.
ALHOSN University is in Al Musalla- Abu Dhabi, it was founded in 2005. It followed a segregated learning system with separate study buildings for men and women. Since its conception, ALHOSN University has introduced exciting programs in a variety of disciplines that are in great demand nationally, regionally, and internationally. 
About the speakers from Universidad Europea de Madrid:
Dr. Pedro Pablo Arroyo: Director of the Department of Architecture, UEM. Educated in Spain, Argentina, Japan and UK (2 PhD degrees + Postdoc), Dr. Pedro Pablo has professional practice offices in Shanghai and Madrid. Has published and exhibited his work in in USA, Japan, Italy (Venice Biennale) and Spain. His research has focused mainly on bridging the gap between art and architecture, public housing, CAD, and heritage. His practice has received several awards in China, Spain and USA.