ALHOSN University taps multicultural expertise to deliver world-class education with local vision

Educators from 36 nations set to engage Abu Dhabi’s bright young minds at 2012 Fall Semester
Complementing the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 development plan’s focus on further raising local standards of education, ALHOSN University has assembled a prestigious lineup of educators from 36 countries that will instill the institution’s vision of ‘global knowledge with local vision’ during the 2012 Fall Semester.

The Vision 2030 framework aims to bring in more expertise from abroad to reinforce Abu Dhabi’s education sector and ensure that the curriculum and quality of delivery are at par with the world’s best. ALHOSN has taken this approach to heart by welcoming onboard academicians from all over the world who are highly qualified to impart the skills necessary for students – especially Emiratis who form 60 per cent of the university’s population – to become productive contributors to the formal economy and society as a whole. To meet the specific needs of its students, ALHOSN has developed nineteen undergraduate and graduate programs in Engineering, Business, and Education. All these programs have received accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the UAE, and several have also been granted accreditation from prestigious professional international accreditation boards.
ALHOSN has announced that it will be accepting applicants for the upcoming 2012 Fall Semester during its ‘Registration Weeks’ from September 2nd to 23rd. To spice up the registration period, the university will offer scholarships, raffle off free Admission fees, and launch exciting campaigns on Facebook and other key social networks. ALHOSN will also continue its advocacy of encouraging more women to participate in technical fields such as Mechanical, Industrial and Civil Engineering by offering special scholarships. There are currently about 200 new incoming students already registered, with more expected to follow in the coming two weeks. Classes are scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 9th.
“If we want to help our students make a difference in the world, then we must bring global experiences and expertise to them,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, ALHOSN’s Vice Chancellor and CEO. “ALHOSN invests heavily to ensure that its academic personnel are up to the challenge of molding productive citizens and future leaders who have a global view of things while they seek the betterment of their community.  For this coming Fall Semester we have assembled a dedicated and highly competent team of educators of almost 40 nationalities who will ensure that we live up to our commitments to our students and their parents and guardians.”
“We also want to maintain an equal-opportunity environment and fill the gender gap in some professions in the UAE and the region, by encouraging our female students to pursue Engineering degrees such as Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering” Prof. Sabouni added.
ALHOSN University has been experiencing a remarkable period of growth which has seen its student body grow to more than 1,600 at the start of Fall Semester. This year’s graduating class is expected to top the previous year’s class of 250 graduates. ALHOSN continues to reap praises for equipping both UAE Nationals as well as expat students from around the world with skills and competencies above and beyond those sought by the organizations they have joined.