HBMeU launches three educational initiatives leveraging social networking platform

‘HBMeU Connect’ featuring HBMeU’s commitment to fulfilling its pledge of accessible learning anytime, anywhere
Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU), a leader in the field of e-Learning and quality management in the Arab World, has announced the launch of three educational initiatives under the ‘HBMeU Connect’ media platform, which leverages the power of social networking. ‘HBMeU Connect’ was officially launched by Dr. Saeed Al Hassani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, at GETEX Spring 2012, the Middle East’s leading education, training and professional development event being held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 19 to 21, 2012.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University has launched ‘HBMeU Connect’ in line with its commitment to fulfilling its pledge of accessible learning anytime, anywhere, recognizing the importance of flexible and accessible learning tools and resources. The HBMeU Connect media platform – which is comprised of HBMeU Podcasts, HBMeU Mobile App and HBMeU YouTube channel – enables current and prospective learners to stay up-to-date with the latest events at HBMeU and even watch live streaming videos of HBMeU events.
HBMeU Podcasts are produced by the HBMeU Learners’ Council, and are audio podcasts made by learners for learners. The HBMeU YouTube channel is a dedicated HBMeU channel on YouTube to promote and disseminate e-Learning in the Arab World, making HBMeU the first university in the region to do so. The first phase of the HBMeU Mobile Learning application, the first-of-its-kind initiative in the GCC and the Middle East that fulfils HBMeU’s commitment to provide accessible learning anytime, anywhere, will be available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. The application provides a convenient platform for learners to stay up-to-date with the latest events at HBMeU.
Professor Nabil Baydoun, Assistant Chancellor for Learners & Enterprise Development, HBMeU, said: “The launch of HBMeU Connect reflects our commitment to facilitate accessible learning anytime, anywhere, enabling learners to leverage the power of social networking and access our wealth of learning resources and programs. Every component of HBMeU Connect has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of current and prospective learners. The Mobile application for instance is an important breakthrough that sets a new standard in education delivery in the GCC and the Middle East, and complements our efforts to adopt global best practices in creating a comprehensive learning experience. We feel that GETEX serves as an ideal venue to launch HBMeU Connect as it gives us unprecedented coverage and reach across target audiences in the UAE and across the region.”
HBMeU is the first e-learning institute in the Arab World that was established with the vision to develop a new learning process through the implementation of learning practices characterised by flexibility, quality and diversity to strengthen self-leadership among learners and prepare them socially and academically for a future career through integration in the job market. HBMeU’s philosophy is based on vital methods that have been developed through extensive research and development by specialists from all over the world. These methods include offering high quality programs, supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning, promoting the freedom of information, reinforcing the culture of excellence and innovation and providing education for everyone in line with the highest standards of comprehensiveness and credibility. The university, which is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, seeks to constantly identify knowledge needs, support research and development programs and create an outstanding environment for e-learning.